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06 May 2013

Dear Tennessee, Georgia will Give You the Land We Own in Your State, If You Give Us Access to the Tennessee River

There is a time and a place for everything.

There is a time for war. There is a time for peace. And yes, there is even a time for diplomacy.

As Georgia builds up our armed forces to liberate our citizens from the tyrannical oppression of Tennessee, the time for diplomacy has come.

It has been revealed that Georgia owns land in the state of Tennessee. Two media outlets have confirmed this irrefutable fact.

Our land, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution assistant editorial editor David Ibata, "is about 15 miles long by 66 feet wide. It begins at the state line north of Graysville in Catoosa County, curves around Missionary Ridge on the Tennessee side and ends deep inside Chattanooga. It’s the Western & Atlantic, the 138-mile-long railroad built by the state of Georgia before the Civil War" [Ibata, David (17 April 2013). Georgia’s 15-mile claim in Tennessee. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 6 May 2013.].

The Athens Banner Herald reports the same.

Paul Melvin, director of communication for the Georgia State Properties Commission, said Georgia still owns the remainder of the Western & Atlantic right of way extending from King Street to East Ridge and the state line, and a portion of the rail line is still very active.

Sohn, Pam (5 May 2013). Georgia owned a piece of Chattanooga a century ago. Athens Banner Herald. Retrieved on 6 May 2013.

Georgia collects $8.1 million in rent from the very active rail line we own in Tennessee.

However, I believe we'd be willing to part with it in exchange for access to the Tennessee River, which also happens to sit on land that should be part of the great state of Georgia, but for an erroneous survey all those years ago.

This is a fair exchange and I believe you should take it.

Have your governor contact our Governor to discuss terms, so that we may avoid a costly war that Georgia undoubtedly will win.