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13 May 2013

259,422 Clayton County Residents Seem Not to Care How Their School Board Spends 352 Million of Their Tax Dollars

Clayton County gets a bad rap from most in metro Atlanta.

Clayton County voters elected a man, who is facing multiple felony charges in court, sheriff. Clayton County became the first school system, nationwide, to lose accreditation in nearly four decades. And now, the Clayton News Daily only two people out of 259,424 total showed up to share their opinion on how their tax dollars should be spent.

The Clayton County Board of Education gave residents an opportunity to voice their opinions this week about the upcoming budget year but only two took the offer.

Jeffery Benoit, a former state house candidate for District 76, and Sid Chapman, president of the Clayton County Education Association, were the lone voices at Thursday’s public hearing.

“I wish more people were here and lined up out the door,” said Chapman.

Jackson, Johnny (10 May 2013). Citizens ignore budget talks. Clayton News Daily. Retrieved on 13 May 2013.

In a word, pathetic. Not just pathetic, but apathetic.

259,424 Clayton County residents paid $352 million to fund public education in their county. But only two showed up to discuss how that money should be spent.

More people should have been at that meeting. It is, as those folks in the J.G. Wentworth commercials say, their money.

Clayton County could be so much better if only more people took an active role in their county government. Until that happens, Clayton County will continue to be the butt of jokes across metro Atlanta.