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29 April 2013

State Rep. Mike Glanton's Bill to Save Olympic Wrestling Now Part of Worldwide Movement to Spare Sport from IOC Chopping Block

Despite being ridiculed by a member of Georgia's professional pundit class for authoring a bill that "doesn't really accomplish anything," state Representative Mike Glanton (D - Jonesboro) is now part of a worldwide coalition to save Olympic wrestling [Crawford, Tom (20 March 2013). Georgia lawmakers wasting time. Columbia County News Times. Retrieved on 29 April 2013.].

Glanton co-sponsored House Resolution 410, during the 2013 legislative session, requesting that the International Olympic Committee keep wrestling in the Olympic Games after the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 135 state legislators from across Georgia voted yes on Glanton's bill.

USA Wrestling, the national governing body for the sport of wrestling in the United States, announced that a growing group of international wrestling federations formed a partnership for unified effort to show that wrestling belongs on the Olympic program.

The Save Olympic Wrestling Coalition ( includes countries such as Albania, Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, United States and Uzbekistan.

"We are very excited about this coalition. It will expand and become a huge asset to our sport as we unify the wrestling federations in the world around one of the most important initiatives in the history of wrestling," said USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender, who worked closely with other international wrestling leaders on the coalition.

Leaders lead, and we're seeing world leadership to save a sport that's been part of the Olympics for thousands of years. State Representative Mike Glanton is part of that world leadership, and we should thank him for it.