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01 April 2013

More on Those Pesky Double Standards: Democrats Attack GAGOP Chair for Holding the Same Position as John Barrow & Sanford Bishop

People like to say there's little common ground between Democrats and Republicans. They say both parties are dominated by the extremes on both ends of the political spectrum; and that there's little hope for bipartisan agreement between the left and the right. There are times, however, when Democrats and Republicans come together on a single issue.

For our purposes today, gay marriage happens to be one of those bipartisan issues.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart opposes gay marriage. Georgia Democrat Congressman John Barrow opposes gay marriage. Another Democrat member of Congress from Georgia, Sanford Bishop, opposes gay marriage [Joseph, Cameron (31 March 2013). Bucking the trend: The House Democrats who oppose gay marriage. The Hill. Retrieved on 1 April 2013].

One would expect cheers to erupt from Democrats as they learned the Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party agrees with two senior members of Congress from their side. But there were no cheers Monday as GAGOP Chair Sue Everhart joined John Barrow and Sanford Bishop in opposing gay marriage. All we heard were blistering attacks on Chairman Everhart from Democrats and their mainstream media allies.

While those on the left were loudly hurling insults at Sue Everhart for her position of gay marriage, they remained strangely silent in their criticisms of John Barrow and Sanford Bishop.

Why? Because, as liberal comedian Bill Maher said, it's different. It's different when Maher levels repulsive and misogynistic attacks upon women. And it's different when Democrats oppose gay marriage.

I like to call these differences a double standard.

Former President Bill Clinton notoriously said, in a speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, "It takes a lot of brass to attack somebody for doing what you did."

It takes a lot of brass for Democrats to attack a Republican for holding a Democrat position. And there can be little denying that Democrats have a lot of brass and a lot of double standards.