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30 April 2013

Mayor of Chattahoochee Hills: We're Working Closely With TomorrowWorld Organizers to Produce an Awesome Show

This September, Georgia will be at the center of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) universe, as thousands of fans converge on Bouckaert’s Farm in Chattahoochee Hills for TomorrowWorld.

TomorrowWorld ( is a three-day EDM event, modeled on the wildly popular TomorrowLand EDM festival held in Belgium since 2005.

180,000 people attended TomorrowLand in 2012, and tickets for TomorrowLand 2013 sold out within minutes of going on sale. Tina Hart, at, reports, "more nationalities will attend the 2013 edition of TomorrowLand than those that participated in the 2012 London Olympics, which was 204 - making TomorrowLand 2013 the most international gathering of people in the entire world" [Hart, Tina (18 February 2013). Tomorrowland reveals sister event. Retrieved on 30 April 2013.].

Indeed, TomorrowLand is truly an award-winning international event. Its organizers, Manu and Michiel Beers, have long dreamed of expanding their celebrated creation outside Belgium's borders. TomorrowWorld is that dream becoming a reality.

Tickets for TomorrowWorld went on sale Saturday, 27 April. Within two hours, 75,000 passes were sold to American EDM fans. Alexandra Dilworth, an Atlanta native, purchased a "Full Madness" pass. She'll be at TomorrowWorld for the entire event, and she's excited.

"The biggest names in EDM will be there. I'm confident in that," Dilworth told Georgia Unfiltered in an interview. "The lineup is great so far, but I know it's early and will only get better. I'm looking forward to seeing Pretty Lights, Porter Robinson, Hardwell, Avicii, Rusko, Tësto, really just everyone."

Alexandra Dilworth will be joined by 150,000 people over three days in September. TomorrowWorld organizers plan on selling an additional 75,000 tickets to EDM aficionados worldwide, keeping the event a global gathering like its Belgian sister. Chattahoochee Hills Mayor Tom Reed says he's collaborating with TomorrowWorld organizers to ensure the 150,000 visitors to his community enjoy themselves.

"We're still working out a lot of the logistics issues," Reed told Georgia Unfiltered. "We are indeed working closely with Fulton County and the TomorrowWorld organizers. They are an amazing and very experienced group, having now done this festival many times in Belgium."

Commenting on Bouckaert’s Farm, the site of TomorrowWorld 2013, Mayor Reed said, "The Belgian site is much smaller than the site here, which [TomorrowWorld organizers] expect will not only yield a more interesting physical environment, but also will more easily absorb the visitors, most of whom are expected to stay on site for the duration."

TomorrowWorld is offering an onsite camping experience called Dreamville, featuring a welcoming party called The Gathering.

"The only way to do it is to camp!," Alexandra Dilworth said.