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03 April 2013

Congratulations to Rev. Timothy McDonald on Being Approved for the Capital One Platinum Race Card

Tuesday, the educators indicted on a litany of charges connected to the cheating scandal that's engulfed the Atlanta Public School System turned themselves into the Fulton County Jail. Before many of the accused could post bond though, Reverend Timothy McDonald and the Concerned Black Clergy took to the microphones to blast the indictments as racist, noting that none of the thirty-five charged Atlanta educators were white.

While defense lawyers worked to have their clients freed, a group of black clergy members and former educators spoke out, calling the charges and the bail extreme and an indication of a deeper, long-simmering racial divide in the city and the state.

The Rev. Timothy McDonald, a spokesman for the group Concerned Black Clergy, noted that the investigators were white and the accused were largely black.

“Look at the pictures of those 35,” he said. “Show me a white face. Let’s just be for real. You can call it racist, you can call it whatever you want, but this is overkill. We have seen people with much deeper crimes with much less bond set.”

Severson and Brown (2 April 2013). Divisions Form in Atlanta as Bail Is Set in Cheating Case. The New York Times. Retrieved on 3 April 2012.

Once again, these so-called black leaders resort to their usual race-baiting playbook. A noun. A verb. And blame Whitey.

As you may remember, the Capital One Platinum Race Card is valid for assigning blame when you haven't done your job and diffusing embarrassing legal situations whether you're guilty or not.

Timothy McDonald and the Concerned Black Clergy are certainly attempting to diffuse an embarrassing legal situation; and for that reason, Reverend Timothy McDonald has been approved for a Platinum Race Card.

Congratulations for putting race above the education of Atlanta's children.