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01 April 2013

Brunswick Mayor Pro Tempore James H. Brooks Needs to Resign

Several days ago, a tragedy occurred in the coastal Georgia city of Brunswick.

A mother witnessed her 13-month-old baby killed with a gunshot to the head from two young thugs in an attempted robbery.

Local police arrested two suspects, De'Marquise Elkins (17) and Dominique Lang (15), charging them both with murder. Relatives of De'Marquise Elkins said he was innocent. Katrina Elkins, the aunt of De'Marquise, told reporters, "[Elkins] couldn't be the killer because the two were together at the time of the shooting.

"Freeman said Elkins dropped by her home about 8:15 a.m. — roughly an hour before the shooting — and she cooked them grits, eggs and sausage for breakfast. They stayed at her home until about 11 a.m., Elkins said, and then Elkins accompanied her and her children on some errands for about an hour. After noon, he left for classes he's taking to earn his GED, she said" [Associated Press (24 March 2013). Woman certain suspect shot her baby in stroller. USA Today. Retrieved on 1 April 2013].

Further inquiries from law enforcement officials led to the arrest of Katrina Elkins and Karimah Elkins, mother of De'Marquise, on charges of providing false statements to police. The alibi by Katrina Elkins, claiming that De'Marquise was with her when the 13-month-old baby was murdered, did not hold up.

After their arrests, both women gave police new information that helped lead investigators to a small saltwater pond where they found a handgun, Glynn County police Chief Matt Doering said. He said the gun was being tested to determine whether it could be matched to the slaying last week of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago.

Bynum, Russ (26 March 2013). Karimah Elkins, Katrina Elkins Arrested In Shooting Of Antonio Santiago, Georgia Baby. The Huffington Post. Retrieved on 1 April 2013.

Enter Brunswick Mayor Pro Tempore James H. Brooks, Sr.

According to some media reports, he's related to the Elkins family.

Brunswick Mayor Pro Tempore James Brooks was arrested on charges of "obstructing law enforcement and influencing a witness in the investigation into the murder of the 13-month-old baby."

A few days later, Brooks was indicted by a grand jury in Camden County on separate bribery and racketeering charges. Brooks turned himself into sheriff's deputies Monday morning.

There's no telling what else may come out against Brunswick Mayor Pro Tempore James Brooks. It is clear, however, based on the media reports so far, that he needs to resign. Resignation is the only honorable thing he can do at this point.

Brooks' political career is now tainted. In the worst way, Brooks' political career is tainted. He's now known, nationwide, as the politician charged with bribery and obstructing a murder investigation. Brunswick Mayor Pro Tempore James H. Brooks, Sr., should resign and he should do it now.