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29 April 2013

AJC Report Proves Robb Pitts Right. Fulton County Needs to Hire More White Folks

A year ago, Fulton County Commissioner Robb Pitts said his county's workforce must "become more diverse" [Walker, Andre (26 June 2012). Black Elected Official Suggests Fulton County Should Hire More White Folks. Georgia Unfiltered. Retrieved on 29 April 2012.].

Robb Pitts is a black elected official, and he said, "Fulton County must also reflect in its hiring practices the population which we represent."

Why? Because, according to Pitts, 82% of Fulton County's 4,851 full-time employees are black. But, according to the Census Bureau, 47.5% of the people who live in Fulton County are White; 44.5% are Black; 5.8% are Asian; and 8.1% are Hispanic or Latino.

That was in 2012.

A year later, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that "83 percent of the county government’s 5,500 employees are black and 14 percent are white" [Edwards, Johnny (27 April 2013). Racial mix of Fulton’s workforce way off from county population. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 29 April 2013.].

As the article says, it's an ironic twist that a government led by Blacks has a deficit of diversity.

Commissioner Pitts said, a year ago, Fulton County government should keep up with the changing demographics. They haven't.

Pitts encouraged the county manager to find ways to inform all ethnicities when new positions arise and make a concerted effort to diversify our employee base. In the year since Robb Pitts made that statement, the diversity of Fulton County's employees has actually decreased. And that is why we must reform Fulton County.

Without much needed reforms in the employment practices of Fulton County government, the lawsuits from White employees claiming discrimination by Black supervisors and elected officials will only increase; leaving all Fulton County taxpayers --Black, White or otherwise-- on the hook for legal bills and settlements.

We can't trade institutional racism perpetrated by Whites in exchange for institutional racism perpetrated by Blacks. Both are wrong.