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30 March 2013

The Georgia Democratic Party Burns Through 90% of Its Cash in February

A popular refrain among those on the right is that Democrats cannot control their spending; and when one looks at the campaign finance disclosures for the Georgia Democratic Party, that popular refrain appears to be true.

For the reporting period beginning 1 February 2013 and ending 28 February 2013, the Democratic Party of Georgia said they raised $122,658.12. That is a vast improvement over the $38,939.99 the Party reported raising in January. But to repeat the popular refrain once more, Democrats cannot control their spending.

From 1 February 2013 through 28 February 2013, the Georgia Democratic Party spent $112,037.06, leaving the organization with just $32,496.02 cash on hand.

The $112,037.06 the Georgia Democrat Party organization burned through last month represents 90% of the money their group raised in the same month.

Democrats cannot control their spending.

Here's the February FEC report filed by the Democratic Party of Georgia: Report of Receipts and Disbursements - Georgia Federal Elections Committeee.

My challenge, for those who choose to accept it, is this: Start on page 18 of the report and identify the wasteful spending by the Georgia Democratic Party.

Here's a teaser for y'all - on page 46, there's a $4,000 credit card bill.