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01 March 2013

NAACP: Democrat Leader Stacey Abrams Sold Out the Black Race by Supporting Suspension of DeKalb School Board Members

I wondered how long it would be until this happened.

Thursday afternoon, the NAACP gathered on the steps of Georgia's State Capitol building to hurl accusations of racism towards Governor Nathan Deal, after he issued an executive order removing six of nine DeKalb County School Board members in an last ditch effort to save accreditation for the struggling school district.

Paul Crawley of 11Alive reported that the NAACP "accused Republican Governor Nathan Deal of being part of an alleged conspiracy to get rid of black office holders and deprive black voters of their rights."

State Representative Tyrone Brooks (D - Atlanta), who is being investigated by the FBI, all but accused blacks supporting Gov. Deal's decision to suspend the DeKalb Six of selling out the black race.

The activists also blasted fellow African-American lawmakers who support the Governor's decision.

"How can we complain about him when we have black folks standing there embracing the removal of black officials?" asked State Representative Tyrone Brooks.

Crawley, Paul (2013-2-28). NAACP accuses Governor of racism over DeKalb School Board suspensions. 11Alive (WXIA-TV Atlanta). Retrieved on 2013-3-1.

For all intents and purposes, Tyrone Brooks and the NAACP strongly suggested, yesterday, that those backing Nathan Deal are blood-traitors to black people. That includes the highest-ranking black female in state government -- House Democrat Leader Stacey Abrams, who wrote, "Gov. Deal was right to suspend DeKalb board members for sake of children."

This is what amounts to political debate in the black community.

A noun. A verb. Blame Whitey. Any black person dissenting is a sell out who isn't "down for the cause" (whatever the hell that means).

It's shameful, but more often than not, it works. That's why group-think is so prevalent in the black community. No one wants to be mocked, ridiculed and torn down for expressing an opinion contrary to that of these so-called black leaders like Tyrone Brooks and the NAACP.

Hopefully, this pathetic press conference by the NAACP will be the loose pebble that starts an avalanche of blacks pondering whether the NAACP really has the advancement of colored people at the forefront of their actions or if the once-great organization is just there to protect the power of its favored few.