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14 March 2013

How They Might Govern: Democrat Official Tells Troup County Not to Prosecute Fmr. Treasurer for Embezzlement

In February, the Troup County Democratic Party had to do a little housecleaning after it was discovered that Party Treasurer William Joseph Crosby had misused Party funds.

Crosby, according to the City of LaGrange Police Department, was arrested on charges of embezzlement. Troup County Democratic Party Chairman Katie Harris told police over $3,000 went missing from Party bank accounts [Staff Report (9 February 2013). New Troup Co. Democratic Chair Sends Treasurer To Jail For Embezzlement. LaGrange Citizen. Retrieved on 14 March 2013.].

Following his arrest, William Crosby resigned as Troup County Democratic Party Treasurer, after just fifty-three days in office. The story should end there, but it doesn't.

A Georgia Democratic Party official is now demanding Troup County drop the case against William Joseph Crosby.

George M. Johnson, who serves on the state Democrat executive committee, allegedly told Troup County Democrats, "I think you all should pull the plug and stop it. It’s creating a big, huge scandal… I’m saying don’t prosecute at all. Let him go" [Staff Report (13 March 2013). GA Democratic Dist. Chair Calls For Cover-Up Of Alleged Embezzlement In Troup County. LaGrange Citizen. Retrieved on 14 March 2013.].

A person steals over $3,000 and the response from a state Democrat Party official is to let him go because it's creating a huge scandal and making Democrats look bad?!? Is this how the Democratic Party might govern the state of Georgia? Pulling the plug on investigating allegations of corruption and wrong-doing simply because it may make Democrats look bad!?!

Guess what? This article; this headline, "GA Democratic Dist. Chair Calls For Cover-Up Of Alleged Embezzlement In Troup County," makes Democrats look bad.

By attempting to shut down the investigation and prosecution of former Troup County Democratic Party Treasurer William Joseph Crosby, George Johnson actually keeps the story going and also raises new questions about his level of involvement in the scandal. The best thing state Democrat executive committee member George Johnson can do is shut up and let law enforcement do their job.