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06 March 2013

Fulton County Democrats to Douglas County School Board: Local Control for Me, But Not For Thee

The 2013 legislative session features a lot of talk about local control.

Democrat legislators are hammering Republicans for ignoring local Fulton County Commissioners, and instead introducing a redistricting plan opposed by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.

The Democrats say Republicans abandoned their committment to local control by introducing and passing House Bill 171 over the objections of the local government the legislation affects.

Given their support of local control over local Fulton County issues, one would think the Democrats might be consistent in their politics. But that's not the case.

Democrats such as freshman Representative LaDawn Blackett Jones sent a strong message to the Douglas County School Board this week: we only support local control for Fulton County, not Douglas County.

The Douglas County Sentinel reported Wednesday that, despite a unanimous bipartisan vote from the Douglas County School Board in favor of nonpartisan school board elections, Democrats like Roger Bruce and LaDawn Blackett Jones aren't moving the bill forward. Why? Because their political party matters more to them than the children of Douglas County.

State Representative Roger Bruce, one of five Democrats who must sign off on the Douglas County School Board's unanimous vote to become a nonpartisan body, said recently, "I’m still trying to determine what the motivation is. Truth be told, if the motivation is because there it’s trending Democratic and people don’t want to disclose what their party affiliation is for political purposes, then I’ve got an issue with that."

As a result of the Democrats' partisanship, the move to make the Douglas County Board of Education nonpartisan is dead for the year [Daniel, Ron (2013-3-6). (Political) party on: School board effort to go nonpartisan appears dead. Douglas County Sentinel. Retrieved on 2013-3-6.].

The next time these Democrats from Fulton County raise a stink about local control, remind them they did the same thing they're accusing Republicans of doing. Fulton County Democrats ignored the Douglas County School Board. Fulton County Democrats refused to move legislation forward supported by the entire Douglas County School Board.

I think that shows how committed the Democrats are to local control.