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07 March 2013

Fulton County Democrats Conspiring to Bring Their Brand of Dysfunction to Douglas County Elections Board

Remember the 2012 election?

Remember the spate of stories appearing in local news outlets detailing the long lines, voting precincts running out of ballots; people voting twice; folks ineligible to vote, casting ballots anyway; and elections officials missing the deadline to certify the results?

Remember the elections director who resigned after being arrested for DUI?

All that happened in Fulton County. It prompted an investigation from the State Elections Board, after more than 100 complaints were filed by citizens. It earned Fulton County the dubious honor of being the worst and most dysfunctional elections department in this state.

And Fulton County Democrats want to bring that level of dysfunction to Douglas County.

A political fight appears to be brewing over how the Douglas County Board of Elections and Registration is made up.

District 35 Sen. Donzella James (D-Atlanta) said she’s prepared to introduce legislation that would change how the five-member board is selected, potentially giving the Democrats a 3-2 advantage.

James said she’s heard from at least 20 constituents – mostly from the Democratic Party – asking her to change the way the board is made up and agreed to take up the local legislation.

But Douglas County Board of Commissioners Chairman Tom Worthan said he’s angered the state legislature is meddling in county government affairs, especially with all of members of the delegation but [state Representative Kimberly]Alexander (D - Douglasville) living outside Douglas County. He said he talked to [Douglas County Legislative Delegation Chair Roger]Bruce (D - Atlanta) Wednesday and Bruce told him “we feel like we can do it better.”

“Roger Bruce lives in Fulton County and Roger Bruce represents about 6,000 or 7,000 people in our county,” Worthan said. “I represent 100 percent of them. I represent 135,000 people. And they elected me to be the CEO of this county government. I think I’ve done a good job and I don’t need the help of Roger Bruce or Senator Donzella James to tell me how to run county government.”

Daniels, Ron (2013-3-7). Democrats take aim on elections board. Douglas County Sentinel. Retrieved on 2013-3-7.

Excuse my french, but we all know Democrats can't run shit.

Every elected official in Clayton County is a Democrat, and Clayton County is the scourge of the state. The Sheriff of Clayton County, a Democrat, is under felony indictment on a litany of charges and can't arrest anyone due to his P.O.S.T. certification being suspended.

The CEO of DeKalb County, Democrat Burrell Ellis, is currently under investigation for corruption. Investigators raided the home and offices of Ellis, and came out with boxes of evidence.

Democrats cannot govern. Anyone who says the Democrats can govern is delusional.

Democrats are dysfunctional. And it's time for Douglas County residents to revolt against the Democrat conspiracy to turn Douglas County into another dysfunctional Clayton or DeKalb County.