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14 February 2013

We May Have a Winner in the Earnest Smith Photoshop Contest

This Earnest Smith thing has taken a life of its own.

For those unfamiliar, state Representative Earnest Smith (D - Augusta) is being lampooned on the world wide web for co-sponsoring a bill to criminalize using programs like Photoshop to electronically impose the facial image of a person onto a visual depiction of an individual displaying nudity or sexual conduct.

Folks on the internet spent the last few days taking the piss out of Rep. Smith, creating various photoshopped images featuring Smith's head in less than flattering situations and scenarios.

This altered image (shown right) wins. It depicts Earnest Smith and the Photoshop bill's other sponsor, state Representative Pam Dickerson, engaging in a little fellatio on the Georgia House floor. I found this image on reddit, and I'm declaring it the winner.

For his part, Rep. Smith told Fox News this site is vulgar. "They are vulgar. This is about being vulgar. We’re becoming a nation of vulgar people," Smith said.