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06 February 2013

Republicans End 2012 with $739K in the Bank; Democrats End the Year with $60K

Mike Berlon, chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, said Tuesday that he expects the party to settle on a single, 2014 U.S. Senate candidate within the next four to six weeks. What he didn't say was how Georgia Democrats plan on funding that candidate's campaign.

The Democratic Party of Georgia has very little money in the bank. At the end of 2012, reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) say Georgia Democrats raised $59,75.44; spent $72,950.96; has $60,941.47 cash on hand; and $1,000 in debt.

The Georgia Republican Party, in comparison, reported having $739,454.05 cash on hand, after raising $9,210.00 and spending $159,093.33 for the period beginning 27 November 2012 and ending 31 December 2012.