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05 February 2013

For the Ladies, A Not-Yet-Illegal Photoshopped Image of Rep. Earnest Smith

State Representative Earnest Smith (D - Augusta) co-sponsored House Bill 39; a bill making it a crime to electronically impose the facial image of a person onto an obscene depiction; with "obscene depiction being defined as "a visual depiction of an individual displaying nudity or sexual conduct."

House Bill 39 is also known as the Photoshop, because it makes photoshopping images illegal.

So, for the ladies (and the flamboyant gentlemen), below is a photoshopped image of state Representative Earnest Smith:

Question. Can you imagine the lawsuit arising (no pun intended) from this image? Rep. Smith argues in court that the picture is false and libelous. The Judge asks how so? And Rep. Smith replies, "My penis isn't that big!!!"