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02 February 2013

Dysfunctional Bibb County School Board is Leaving Every Child Behind

You were right.

The readers of this site were right.

These aren't my mother's Bibb County Schools anymore.

There was a time when the Bibb County School System turned out a senior class president who graduated top of her class and made history by becoming the first black female to earn a degree from Mercer University.

Now, forty years after that history-making feat, the elected officials in charge of the once-great Bibb County School System have allowed bickering, infighting and dysfunction to leave every child behind.

The Georgia Department of Education, led by State School Superintendent John Barge, reports the entire Bibb County School System failed to meet AYP under No Child Left Behind in 2011.

Below is a graph, also provided by the state Education Department, showing the percentage of students passing (or failing) the annual end of course tests (EOCT):

Again, failure. All that red represents failure. Failure of the Bibb County Board of Education to be adults and put the children first.

While former Bibb County Schools CFO Ron Collier is suing the school system, sixty-three percent of students are failing the math exam. While former Bibb County School Board member Gary Bechtel is trying to get his cronies jobs and contracts with the school system, fifty-four percent of students are failing the science exam. Math and science are generally agreed upon to be the two subjects in which students should receive the most instruction in order to be competitive in the work force.

In other words, the focus on cronyism and lawsuits is leaving thousands of Bibb County children behind in an increasingly competitive world.

This is serious, folks. It's time for Bibb County School Board members to shape up or ship out. Failing standards in math and science are not an option.