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25 February 2013

Democrat State Rep. Roger Bruce Puts His Party Ahead of Educating the Children of Douglas County

Two weeks ago, the Douglas County School Board voted unanimously to go from partisan to nonpartisan elections [Daniel, Ron (2013-2-11). Red and blue no more: BOE becomes nonpartisan. Douglas County Sentinel. Retrieved on 2013-2-25.].

Four Republicans and one Democrat decided that educating Douglas County's children mattered more than partisan politics.

Douglas County School Board members D.T. Jackson and Janet Kelley, one Democrat and one Republican, both agreed they're there for the kids; and that they base their decisions on providing the best education to the children of Douglas County, not what might make their party look good or the party opposite look bad.

"Partisan doesn’t really come in to play when you are governing as a school board, it doesn’t influence the decisions we make as a school board," Board member Janet Kelley told the Douglas County Sentinel.

Unfortunately for the Douglas County School Board, not everyone wants to remove party politics from our children's education.

Democrat state Representative Roger Bruce, who has to sign off the Douglas County School Board's unanimous vote to go nonpartisan, said, "I’m still trying to determine what the motivation is. Truth be told, if the motivation is because there it’s trending Democratic and people don’t want to disclose what their party affiliation is for political purposes, then I’ve got an issue with that." [Daniel, Ron (2013-2-23). Fate of local bills remains uncertain. Douglas County Sentinel. Retrieved on 2013-2-25.]

Representative Roger Bruce is holding up a bill, unanimously supported by all Douglas County School Board members, because he wants to see more Democrats in office and nonpartisan elections mean the voters would vote for the person, not the party.

That is shameful, especially given the fact Roger Bruce lives in Fulton County and Fulton County School Board members are elected on a nonpartisan basis. For those keeping up, nonpartisan school board elections are okay in the home county of Roger Bruce, but not okay in neighboring Douglas County.

Representative Bruce needs to remember that he represents the Douglas County School Board in the Georgia General Assembly. If the Douglas County School Board wants something, they should get it; especially something as important as removing partisan politics from educating our kids.