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03 January 2013

Victor Hill, Darryl Jordan and the Race Pimps Who Cried Wolf

I am not clairvoyant. I just know black folks entirely too well.

Six weeks ago, the Georgia Sheriff's Association went, hat-in-hand, to Governor Nathan Deal with a simple request; convene a council charged with considering the suspension of indicted Clayton County sheriff-elect Victor Hill.

With Victor Hill facing more than two dozen felony charges in court, as well as losing his Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certification, the entreaties of the Georgia Sheriff's Association to Governor Deal seemed innocuous enough. After all, argued Georgia Sheriff's Association President and Putnam County Sheriff Howard R. Sills, "[Hill] has no arrest power. He cannot even participate in the execution of a search warrant. How can an individual conceivably act as the chief law enforcement officer of an entire community after having been divested of the primal element of the office itself?"

But as I said, I am not clairvoyant. I am not a psychic. I just know black folks entirely too well.

On another Georgia political forum, I opined the following:

"Quite frankly, I would not be surprised if Victor Hill launches a public relations campaign intended to rile up the black folks in Clayton County over a “blatant power grab from a white, Republican governor and his minions at the Georgia Sheriff’s Association.” And with twenty-one words, Victor Hill attorney Drew Findling did exactly as I expected.

"I think [Clayton County residents] are entitled to have a sheriff that reflects their choice, not the choice of white people," Findling told an Atlanta news station.

Those twenty-one words from Victor Hill's lawyer laid the groundwork for a house of race cards to be built, with the designed purpose to keep Hill in office.

Black Democrat lawmakers from Clayton County, led by state Representative Darryl Jordan, threw up the walls of race on the foundation laid by Hill's attorney.

I could not continue to look at myself straight in the mirror if I did not register my complaint with you about the modern-day lynching of an elected official in Clayton County, Victor Hill," Jordan claimed in a letter to the Governor. "When certain people can’t get their wishes at the voting booths, then they employ raw, unmitigated, egregious and flagrant attacks on the Voting Rights Act. This is unconscionable. The people of Clayton County are tired of this shabby and condescending treatment from people who don’t even live here."

If that wasn't caustic enough, Representative Jordan took it even further, insulting every elected sheriff in Georgia, calling the Georgia Sheriff's Association --an organization of elected sheriffs representing each of the state's 159 counties-- "a non-elected, elite and effete group of individuals."

While all this race pimping by Darryl Jordan and Victor Hill's legal team occurred, Victor Hill quietly took the oath of office, becoming Clayton County's sheriff once more; albeit a sheriff with no arrest powers and under indictment on a litany of charges.

Victor Hill in office, put Governor Nathan Deal in an unenviable position. Either suspend Victor Hill from office and be caricatured as an evil, white Republican hellbent on subverting the will of blacks in Clayton County; or deny the request of an organization representing 159 elected sheriffs and leave a criminally charged individual with no arrest powers in office as the chief law enforcement official of Clayton County.

Governor Deal took the wimp's way out.

Deal said he would not appoint a panel to consider the suspension of Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill.

Deal's gutless decision meant the race pimps won. The race pimps, who used a darker skin complexion to keep a crook in office, won.

I say again, I am not clairvoyant. I wanted to be wrong. It upsets me that I was right. Why? Because, just like the boy who cried wolf too many times, when true racism rears its rancid teeth, blacks are likely to be ignored due to the fact that race pimps cried wolf one too many times over perceived instances of racism.