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09 January 2013

Prominent African-American Georgia Democrat Says Black Influence Inside the Party is a "Deception"

A prominent black state Democratic committee member says, "African-American influence inside the Georgia Democratic Party is a deception."

The black Democratic activist made these comments in an email to Georgia Politics Unfiltered earlier this week, responding to a post on this site questioning whether blacks are ignored, powerless and voiceless in a Democratic Party organization where they constitute a clear majority.

Given the retribution that current Georgia Democratic Party chairman Mike Berlon heaps upon anyone who dares question his tenure, it was agreed between myself and the black Democrat activist who wrote the email that I would not disclose their identity in exchange for being allowed to publish the following message:

African-American influence inside the Georgia Democratic Party is a deception.

Rather, a contrived maneuver to ensure African Americans, who primarily vote Democrat, make it to the polls on Election Day.

The current white male power structure never intended for African-Americans to be involved in decision making within the party structure. Rather, the plan has always been to use us to legitimize and demonstrate that in Georgia, the Democratic Party is inclusive.

The DPG African-American Caucus is a joke.

The White Power Structure Team has spoken; the caucus is restricted in methods, content and positioning. They are forbidden from handling currency of any kind, whether earned or not.

In case you're wondering, I will protect this source. If you want to know who the author of this message is, take me to court.