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17 January 2013

Give Local Communities the Choice to Arm Their School Teachers

Wednesday, a group of legislators led by state Representative Paul Battles introduced House Bill 35; a bill that would permit the carrying and possession of firearms by school administrators.

Governor Deal, in an interview with reporters, said he supports arming school administrators and he believes the Battles bill has the best chance of clearing the General Assembly this session.

House Bill 35 will see opposition. That is an academic certainty. I support the legislation, in spite of others' opposition because I've read the bill and I know what's in it.

House Bill 35 does not say, from this forward, teachers can pack heat on campus.

House Bill 35 gives each local school board the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to allow armed school administrators on campus. at a school function or on a school bus.

If Cobb County wants their school administrators to carry a firearm on campus, the Cobb County School Board can vote to do so. If DeKalb County believes armed school administrators is unnecessary, then the DeKalb County School Board does not have to authorize their administrator to carry a gun. It's that simple.

It's all about local control. Each local community will decide for itself whether their school administrators will be armed.

So my question to the people who might oppose House Bill 35 is why do you oppose giving each local community the opportunity to decide this issue for themselves?