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18 January 2013

Georgia Senate Adopts Absurd Resolution Congratulating Louisville on Winning 2013 Sugar Bowl

When I first learned the Georgia Senate adopted a resolution congratulating the University of Louisville on its 2013 Sugar Bowl victory, I immediately thought, "Did the State of Georgia lose a bet with the State of Kentucky?"

Then I remembered that neither team competing in the 2013 Sugar Bowl hailed from the great state of Georgia.

The University of Louisville Cardinals defeated the University of Florida Gators in the 2013 Sugar Bowl. A Georgia college or university was nowhere near New Orleans when the Sugar Bowl was played.

So why did the Georgia state Senate unanimously adopt the completely absurd Senate Resolution 25 praising the Louisville Cardinals as an "outstanding team" with a "fitting reputation for excellence?"

It's quite simple. The author of Senate Resolution 25, John Albers of Roswell, is a University of Louisville grad.

That's cool. Albers is proud of his alma mater. That's perfectly fine, except for one little detail.

The Georgia Senate has yet to congratulate the University of Georgia on its win in the 2013 Capital One Bowl! The Georgia Senate honored a Kentucky team before they honored a Georgia team.

Something's not entirely right about that.