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10 January 2013

Georgia Democratic Party Frequently Spent More Money Than It Raised in 2012

Last February, at a special called meeting of the state Democratic executive committee, it was generally agreed that the current financial approach of the Georgia Democratic Party was unsustainable.

Mike Berlon, the chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party, did not want that meeting to happen; and he said as much in a lengthy email to state executive committee members.

A review of campaign finance reports filed by Georgia Democrats with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) in 2012 shows that the concerns of Democratic Party activists, regarding the financial solvency of their party organization, may have been justified.

The Democratic Party of Georgia frequently spent more money than it raised over the past twelve months.

Here's the breakdown:

Month Money Raised Money Spent Difference
January, 2012 $  71,595$  80,065-$ 8,470
February, 2012 $  77,904$  81,536-$ 3,632
March, 2012 $  99,354$  85,615$13,739
April, 2012 $162,839$143,391$19,448
May, 2012 $139,931$130,454$  9,477
June, 2012 $172,606$118,568$54,038
July, 2012 $  80,821$  87,315-$ 6,494
August, 2012 $  88,790$114,968-$26,178
September, 2012 $199,611$227,038-$27,427
1 October
through 17 October
18 October
through 26 November

In 2012, the Georgia Democratic Party raised $1,550,545 and spent $1,531,799; a difference of $18,746. However, the state Democratic Party also received bailouts from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) throughout 2012 totaling $240,464.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) gave the Georgia Democratic Party $382,757 from August, 2012 through October, 2012.

Without the $623,221 in total funds from the DNC and the DCCC, Georgia Democrats would have raised just $927,324, leaving the Party with $18,746 at the end of the year to pay rent, staff salaries, and keep the lights on at Party headquarters.

The state Democratic executive committee was right. That is unsustainable.