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16 January 2013

Democrat Logic Personified: Photo ID to Vote? No Way! Photo ID to Fly? Hell Yes!

The second day of the 2013 legislative session saw thirty-nine new bills and resolutions introduced into the Georgia state Senate, including a resolution sponsored by Senator Donzella James (D - College Park) urging Congress to "require the identification of minors boarding domestic flights."

Senate Resolution 10 is an innocuous piece of legislation. It addresses human trafficking and sex trafficking of minors.

"Requiring minors and the adults accompanying them on flights to prove the
15 minor's stated identity would greatly strengthen child safety and assist law enforcement and prosecutors in their fight against human trafficking," S.R. 10 reads.

Still, it's more than a bit ironic that a Democrat state Senator would propose photo ID for flying while at the same time opposing photo ID for voting.

I'm sure everyone agrees child trafficking is wrong. I'm also sure everyone agrees voter fraud and election fraud is wrong too. Our children should be safe and secure. Our elections should be safe and secure as well.