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27 December 2012

Democratic Party of Georgia Spends $12,390.30 on Election Night "Victory" Party

It's two days after Christmas
And all through the house
A creature was stirring
But it wasn't a mouse.

Andre the Blogger logged on to see
The campaign finance reports filed by the DPG.

It was simple to tell how the Democrats used their cash.
They spent loads of money to finance an election night bash.

Three weeks ago, the Democratic Party of Georgia told the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) how much money Democrats in Georgia raised and spent for the period beginning 18 October and ending 26 November. Georgia Democrats say they raised $267,675.35 and spent $289,424.47 during that period.

Among the expenditures listed is $12,390.30 for an election night party where Georgia Democrats had very little to celebrate.

Below is the breakdown:

  • $480 for election night security;
  • $4,405 for a sound system at the election night party; and
  • $7,505.30 for catering at the election night party.
Just to recap election night here in Georgia, the only statewide candidate on the ballot for Democrats lost to Republican Chuck Eaton. Georgia Democrats failed to keep Republicans from achieving a constitutional majority in the state Senate. Democrats constitute only a third of the seats in the state House. And the charter schools amendment, which Democrats opposed, passed with 58.58% of the vote.

By any measure, there were few victories for Georgia Democrats to celebrate. But they spent over ten thousand dollars to party hearty, celebrating those victories. So I guess it's ok, right?

In case you're wondering, the Democrats have $74,516.99 cash on hand and $1,000 in debt.