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29 December 2012

Democrat Darryl Jordan Insults Georgia Sheriffs, Calling Them "Effete" & "Non-Elected"

In the ongoing saga surrounding Clayton County Sheriff-elect Victor Hill, Democrat state Representative Darryl Jordan hurled insults towards sheriffs across Georgia in an op-ed piece written for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Jordan, who represents Clayton County in the Georgia House of Representatives made a shrill and vitriolic argument that Victor Hill should be allowed to serve as Sheriff of Clayton County while under felony indictment for a variety of charges.

A person is presumed innocent until he is convicted by a jury of his peers, not by a non-elected association or by some gnostic, elite and effete group of individuals in Georgia.

Though not many of our good-hearted citizens of Clayton County hail from some special club, they do, however, enjoy their rights under the Voting Rights Act of 1965. To remove Hill from office for indictments which seem to be dubious at best, and which are slated soon to go to trial before a jury of his Clayton County peers, seems to me to be a not-so-subtle attempt to circumvent the will of the voters.

. . . the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association apparently wants to hijack the expressed desire of the Clayton County voters by keeping Hill him from taking office in January. This sets a bad precedent, not just for Hill, but for all people who are falsely accused of crimes and are tarred and feathered by the media, and by those who want to jump the gun on the criminal justice process before any trial has taken place and before the blind lady of justice has adjudicated the case.

Jordan, Darryl (2012-12-27). Hill deserves right to prove innocence . Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2012-12-29.

The Georgia Sheriff's Association, according to the organization's website, consists of each sheriff representing each of Georgia's 159 counties. Article IX, Section 1, paragraph three of the Constitution of the State of Georgia reads, "The clerk of the superior court, judge of the probate court, sheriff, tax receiver, tax collector, and tax commissioner, where such office has replaced the tax receiver and tax collector, shall be elected by the qualified voters of their respective counties for terms of four years and shall have such qualifications, powers, and duties as provided by general law." [emphasis added].

This organization of elected Georgia sheriffs asked Governor Deal to suspend Victor Hill from office, pending the outcome of Hill's criminal trial.

Democrat Darryl Jordan is obviously opposed to Victor Hill being suspended from office, but that doesn't give the Jordan the right to insult and tell lies on sheriffs across Georgia.