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04 October 2012

Republicans Question Lynn Brown McKinney's Eligibility After Tax Liens are Discovered

Republicans today are raising questions about the eligibility of Democrat state House candidate Lynn Brown McKinney.

Pointing to tax liens filed against her by both the Internal Revenue Service and the Georgia Department of Revenue, Fulton County Republican Party Chairman Roger Bonds says Lynn Brown McKinney's candidacy may run afoul of the Georgia state Constitution.

Bonds pointed to Article II, Section 2, paragraph three of the Constitution of the State of Georgia, which reads in part, "No person who [ . . . ] is a defaulter for any federal, state, county, municipal, or school system taxes required of such officeholder or candidate if such person has been finally adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction to owe those taxes, but such ineligibility may be removed at any time by full payment thereof, or by making payments to the tax authority pursuant to a payment plan, [ . . . ] shall be eligible to hold any office or appointment of honor or trust in this state."

"According to court records, Ms. McKinney presently has over $43,000 in federal and state tax liens," Bonds said. "There is no evidence on record of her contesting these tax liens or putting into place a payment plan with the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue."

Georgia Politics Unfiltered has obtained a copy of the federal and tax liens filed against Lynn Brown McKinney in Fulton County Superior Court. These documents are pictured below.

Georgia law allows for the Secretary of State to "challenge the qualifications of any candidate at any time prior to the election of such candidate." [O.C.G.A. § 21-2-5(b)]

While Fulton County GOP Chair Roger Bonds stopped short of calling for Secretary of State Brian Kemp to challenge McKinney's qualifications, Bonds did challenge the Democratic Party to: 1.) Demand that McKinney lay out immediately to the public any documentary evidence of payment plans for past due taxes with the IRS and the Georgia Department of Revenue; and 2.) Require that McKinney show through documentation whether she is current under any such plans.

“Holding public office in Georgia is a public trust and it is incumbent of candidates and their party supporters to make full disclosures of relevant matters to assure the citizens of Georgia of the candidate’s ability to serve and protect their interest at the State Capitol,” Bonds said. “This is especially true in terms of meeting tax obligations.”

Lynn Brown McKinney is a candidate for the state House seat currently held by House Republican Whip Ed Lindsey.