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19 September 2012

One Wonders If AJC Columnist Jay Bookman Believes the Sh*t He Writes

For those of you who follow Georgia Politics Unfiltered on Twitter, a bit of a row has developed with liberal Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jay Bookman.

Jay Bookman believes that presidential candidates and other public figures have no right to privacy. Bookman suggests that no laws were broken when a person secretly recorded Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser in the private residence of a private individual.

Florida attorneys say otherwise, but let's just say Jay Bookman is right.

Let's say public figures have no right to privacy. And let's use Jay Bookman as an example.

It cannot be doubted that Bookman is a public figure.

Below is Jay Bookman's record in the voter file (which is public record):

Jay Bookman voted in the 2012 Republican presidential preference primary.

He also voted in the 2010 GOP primaries, the 2000 Republican presidential primaries and the 1996 Republican primaries.

In other words, Jay Bookman might have voted for Mitt Romney, Nathan Deal, George W. Bush, and Pat Buchanan.

I'm sure all of Bookman's liberal readers shudder at the idea.

One has to wonder, with all these votes in the Republican primaries, if that liberal lion Jay Bookman believes the tripe he writes at