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19 September 2012

Inconsistencies, Bankruptcies, Jill Chambers & Victor Hill

Tuesday, a few eyebrows were raised over a headline that appeared on this very site, but it caught the attention of a few people.

Former state Representative Jill Chambers sent an email calling the headline "creative," but also pointing out that her former colleague in the Georgia House, Victor Hill, filed bankruptcy too.

In fact, court records show U.S. Bankruptcy Judge C. Ray Mullins presided over the cases of both Jill Chambers and Victor Hill.

Victor Hill, a former state Representative, is the Democrats' nominee for Sheriff of Clayton County.

According to the State Ethics Commission, Victor Hill never incorporated his campaign.

Judge Mullins allowed Hill's bankruptcy to proceed without attaching the campaign cash to Victor Hill's personal assets and liabilities.

However, when the bankruptcy of Jill Chambers came before Judge Mullins, he ruled that her campaign funds were part of her personal assets and could be seized by creditors to satisfy debts in the bankruptcy proceedings.

This is a major inconsistency by a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge.

One can't help but wonder if politics and partisanship played a role in Judge Mullins allowing creditors to seize Jill Chambers' campaign funds, while protecting Victor Hill's campaign cash from the people he owed.