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09 September 2012

Georgia's DNC Members Challenged for Being Too White and Too Male

Around 8AM Sunday morning, I received an email from someone carrying the moniker ""

The electronic communication from "" contained a challenge to the credentials of Georgia's representatives on the Democratic National Committee.

The challenge says that the Democratic Party of Georgia violated the Charter and Bylaws of the Democratic National Committee by electing DNC members who do not "reflect any racial diversity."

The challenge also says, "The Georgia Secretary of State indicates out of the 5,804,812 registered voters in Georgia 3,157,924 (55%) are female. Also, out of the 2, 084,179 ballots casts in the 2008 Presidential election; 1, 170, 878 (55%) of voters were female. The current delegation of DNC members from Georgia is composed of (6) males and (3) a female, this currently elected delegation has twice as many males as females.

"We cannot afford to have a disproportionate representation," the challenge reads. "The African American people and the women of Georgia are the bedrock foundation of the Democratic Party of Georgia, and it is unacceptable, and unforgivable that the DNC delegation does not reflect that. We ask that the DNC take corrective action to create racial and gender balance in the current delegation. And that the DNC mandate election procedures which will ensure that the Georgia delegation is balanced in the future without a clearly foreseeable need for challenges."

The email, containing the challenge to the credentials of Georgia's DNC members, was sent to House Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams, Clayton County Democratic Party Chairman Kevin Thomas and Georgia Young Democrats President Louis Elrod, just to name a few.

Georgia has a total of nine Democratic National Committee members. Of the nine, two are black, two are female, and the rest are white males.

The challenge to the diversity of Georgia's DNC members was filed with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and DNC Secretary Alice Travis Germond.