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20 September 2012

Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards Wants to Fire the Man He Voted to Hire

The local Atlanta news media is all over a story involving former Fulton County Democratic Party chairman Samuel Westmoreland and his latest DUI arrest.

Westmoreland, who currently heads up the Fulton County Elections Department, remains in jail after being caught driving under the influence September 14th.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is now reporting that Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards is calling for Sam Westmoreland's head.

Edwards told the AJC later that he was concerned enough when Westmoreland was running the department, and now he’s even more worried.

“He needs to be gone,” Edwards said. “It just goes to your character.”

There's just one problem with Edwards' sudden righteous indignation over Samuel Westmoreland's performance as Fulton County elections chief.

Commissioner Edwards voted to hire him.

Pictured right is a screenshot of the minutes from the March 7, 2012 Fulton County Commissioner meeting.

You can read the full minutes from the March 7th meeting here.

Edwards is right. It goes to your character. It also goes to your judgment.

Commissioner Edwards' poor judgment led to his vote to hire Sam Westmoreland as Fulton County elections chief. There can be little doubt that Westmoreland's hiring was a mistake.

Now Edwards wants to fire Westmoreland. Yeah, well, Samuel Westmoreland should have never been hired in the first place, and Bill Edwards shares some of the blame for that personnel decision.