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20 August 2012

Truth & Transparency at the Democratic National Convention

2012 has been the year for truth and transparency around here.

Without regurgitating the facts, I told the truth about Georgia Democrat Party political director Rashad Richey. Channel 2 verified that.

Even though Secretary of State Brian Kemp reversed the decision of Administrative Law Judge Stephanie Howells, removing Democrat Ronnie Mabra from the House District 63 primary ballot, transparency in government did show that Mabra might be guilty of false swearing, after Mabra claimed to have lived in one place for thirty years while tax records show he lived at another location.

Truth and transparency is very important. That's why, next month, Georgia Politics Unfiltered will be telling the truth and bringing transparency to the Democratic National Convention.

Georgia Politics Unfiltered was awarded media credentials to cover the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Each day of the Democrats' quadrennial nominating convention, the truth will be told. Transparency will be promoted. Most importantly, there won't be sanctimonious swill about the awesomeness of the Democratic National Convention.

And while we're on the subject of transparency, the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission reporting system has gone opaque, according to Todd Rehm at GaPundit. After checking a dozen runoff candidates, including one for whom he has seen a disclosure filing receipt, the system appears to not be showing six-day before runoff reports.

Washington Post Watergate reporters Woodward and Bernstein were once told to "follow the money."

It's hard to follow the money when the trail is hidden from public view.