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17 July 2012

Georgia Politics Unfiltered Continues to Impact Campaigns & Elections in the Peach State

Starting with discrediting the campaign of Public Service Commission hopeful Lance Robertson, then shining a bright light on the dark past of Georgia Democrat Party political director Rashad Richey, Georgia Politics Unfiltered has impacted campaigns and elections in the Peach State for the year 2012.

The impact of Georgia Politics Unfiltered on politics in Georgia continued Monday, as an Administrative Law Judge issued a ruling that read in part, Ronnie Mabra is "not qualified to be a candidate for State Representative of District 63, and his name shall be removed from the ballot."

Many of the findings of fact in Judge Susan Howells' ruling contained research that first appeared on Georgia Politics Unfiltered.

Georgia Politics Unfiltered first reported, on June 15th, that Ronnie Mabra lived in and claimed homestead exemption on a midtown Atlanta condo located outside of the 63rd state House district.

Georgia Politics Unfiltered also noted that Mabra lost his posh midtown condo to foreclosure, before loaning his campaign more than $47,000, and moving back home with his mother.

In addition, Georgia Politics Unfiltered spotlighted the Declaration of Candidacy and Affidavit filed by Ronnie Mabra, where he claimed to "have been a legal resident of Fayette County for 30 consecutive years."

Judge Howells, in her findings of fact, cited many of the same documents and information found in the reporting and research of Georgia Politics Unfiltered.

The impact of all this is that Ronnie Mabra is likely to be removed from the July 31st primary ballot. It is rare that the Secretary of State overrules the findings and recommendations of an Administrative Law Judge, concerning a residency challenge.

As always, the readers of Georgia Politics Unfiltered get a lot of credit for this site's continued impact on campaigns and elections in the Peach State. The tips from the readers help steer the research in the right direction, and also jump starts stories that have stalled out.

So yeah, we've done it again, which calls for a gallon of ice-cold, refreshing Mayfield milk and a dozen, hot, glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts.