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22 July 2012

Democrats Burn Through 68.7% of Their Cash in June; Down from a High of 86% in March

The Democratic Party of Georgia filed its June monthly campaign finance disclosure with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) this week.

The left-leaning political party says it raised $172,606.67 for the period beginning June 1st and ending June 30th, 2012. During that same period, Georgia Democrats say they spent $118,568.73, and have $140,371.89 in the bank.

While still at a large financial disadvantage with the Georgia GOP, which reported having $977,415.19 left in the bank, the Democratic Party of Georgia seems to have toned down its big spending ways in June.

Democrats in Georgia spent 68.7% of the money they raised last month. That is down from the high 86% burn rate Democrats reported back in March.

To read the full Democratic Party of Georgia FEC report, click here.