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12 July 2012

Democrat Loses Home to Foreclosure, Moves in with Mom, Then Loans Campaign $67K

Ronnie Mabra is one of three candidates vying for the Democrat Party's nomination in the newly-created 63rd state House district.

In recent weeks, Mr. Mabra faced questions about whether he actually lives in the district he seeks to represent. Administrative Law Judge Stephanie Howells is expected to hand down a ruling soon on Mabra's residency qualifications, after hearing more than six hours of testimony at a July 3rd hearing in Atlanta.

Ronnie Mabra, by his own admission, moved back in with his mother after he lost his midtown condo to foreclosure last year.

No one is faulting Mr. Mabra for that. We all know someone who fell on hard times, lost their home, and had to turn to family for help.

However, in Ronnie Mabra's case, after losing his posh 17th Street condo to the bank, he turned around and loaned his campaign $47,500.

Campaign finance reports (pictured above) filed with the State Ethics Commission show that Mabra made the loan of $47,500 to his campaign December 27, 2011, just months after the bank foreclosed on his home at 361 17th Street, Unit 1306, Atlanta, 30363.

As comedian Chris Rock would say, "$47,000!?! Good lawd, that's a lot of money."

Let me type that out for you, just in case the full impact of my words have not been felt.

Forty-seven thousand dollars.

That is how much Democrat Ronnie Mabra loaned his campaign for state Representative after losing his home to foreclosure. And just last month, Mabra loaned his campaign an additional $20,000.

Voters in the 63rd state House district need to ask Mr. Mabra about his priorities.

Most people, who have lost their home to foreclosure, prioritize getting back on their feet. Whatever money they have, that cash is going towards rebuilding their lives and taking care of their families.

Ronnie Mabra, however, took $67,500 of his own money to run for office.

Talk about misplaced priorities.