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01 June 2012

Georgia Democrat Fundraiser Starred in Video Teaching Women How to Strip

Meet Stacii Jae Johnson.

Stacii Jae (pictured right with Barack Obama) is the Director of Special Events in Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed's office. Stacii Jae is also a prolific fundraiser for the Obama campaign, bundling between $50,000 and $100,000 for the President's reelection campaign, according to a report by the Washington Free Beacon.

That same report, appearing in the Washington Free Beacon, says Stacii Jae wrote, directed, and produced a 2004 film titled “I Want To Strip For My Man But I Don’t Know How … Unleashing the Naughty Girl In You!” that instructs “everyday women” how to strip.

The film is intended for women looking to “let go and loosen up and learn how to shake a little something,” Johnson says. Lisa and Nature receive hands-on training from professional pole dancers Alex (“The Seductress”), Sasha (“The Flirt”), and Kim (“The Rumpshaker”), while Johnson plays the role of “The Host.”

These self-described “sexual revolutionaries” provide expert instruction on “signature exotic moves” such as the “fold over,” the “crawl,” the “spread eagle,” and the “booty clap.”

WSB-TV (Atlanta) ran a report about Stacii Jae's extracurricular activities earlier this week.

For those keeping up, the once great Democratic Party in Georgia has gone from being the home of Zell Miller to becoming the haven of a convicted criminal who owes over $4,000 in back child support, and a lady who teaches women how to strip.

Can we now start calling the Democratic Party of Georgia the Ghetto Party of Georgia?