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07 June 2012

Fulton County Shrine to Wasteful Spending Cancels Its Only Show

The State of Georgia has a new landmark. It is a shrine to the excesses of government spending. This new landmark is located at 3025 Merk Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30349.

The Wolf Creek Amphitheater, Fulton County's monument to wasteful spending, recently cancelled its only show for 2012. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that, after spending $7 million building this massive monstrosity, the Wolf Creek Amphitheater sits empty.

A reason wasn't given, but several officials said it was because of poor ticket sales.

The waste of taxpayers' money that is the Wolf Creek Amphitheater is likely to renew calls of reform for Fulton County. Burning through $7 million does not instill confidence that Fulton County, as it is currently constituted, will be good stewards of the people's money.

Fulton County needs reform, if for no other reason than to prevent more $7 million Wolf Creek Amphitheaters from being built, then sitting empty.