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15 June 2012

Another Open Letter to Georgia Democratic Party Political Director Rashad Richey

Dear Rashad,

My lawyers have informed me that your lawyers did not respond to the letter requesting $15,000 in reduced attorney's fees for the filing of that frivolous lawsuit against free speech and against the truth.

So now, Rashad, my attorneys filed a motion in Fulton County Superior Court asking for fees.

But Rashad, it's not for the $17,232.45 that was quoted before. Oh, no, my friend.

My lawyers increased the amount. Actions have consequences; and the consequence for not taking action in regards to the June 5, 2012 letter from the law firm of Austin & Sparks to your attorneys, Rashad, is this:

My lawyers want $24,967.45, and I'm sticking you with the bill.

Rashad, you can read the legal justification behind this $24,967.45 bill for attorneys' fees and costs below:

Andre Walker's Motion for Attorneys Fees Filed on 2012.06.14

Actions have consequences, Rashad.