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22 June 2012

Another Month, Another $10K DNC Bailout for the Georgia Democratic Party

The Georgia Democratic Party filed its Federal Elections Commission (FEC) campaign finance report for the month of May this week.

For the period beginning May 1st and ending May 31st, 2012, the Democratic Party of Georgia reported raising $139,931.54. The Democrats spent $130,454.43, and are left with $86,333.95 in the bank, along with $20,819.17 in debt.

Included amongst the more than $139K in donations is a $10,000 contribution from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). For the year 2012, the DNC has funneled more than $62,000 to the Georgia Democratic Party.

As expected, Democrats in Georgia continue to comply with the order from Clayton County Superior Court Judge Deborah Benefield, deducting $798 each and every month from Political Director Rashad Richey's paycheck for child support payments.