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14 May 2012

Online Voter Registration Comes to Georgia

Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill into law that brings online voter registration to the State of Georgia. However, Georgians will have to wait until after 2012 before they can register to vote online/

Senate Bill 92, a comprehensive elections bill which included online voter registration, passed the General Assembly by wide, bipartisan majorities.

Georgia's chief elections official, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, applauded the new method for Georgians to add their names to the voter rolls.

“This common sense, secure online voter registration initiative will utilize technology to increase citizen access to elections, save Georgia taxpayer dollars, and prevent voter registration fraud,” said Secretary Kemp.

Secure online voter registration was a recommendation from the Elections Advisory Council (EAC) that Secretary Kemp formed in 2010. Recommendations from the Council along with other housekeeping issues were addressed this Session in Senate Bill 92. The secure online voter registration system will verify information provided by applicants with information on record at the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). The state’s voter registration system already receives information electronically when individuals register to vote at DDS customer service centers. Secure online voter registration will increase accuracy by removing the possibility of data entry errors.

Secure online voter registration has proven to be popular and cost effective in the states that already utilize this technology. Nine other states have or will be implementing comparable online systems, and several other states have similar pending legislation. Secure online voter registration will not be implemented until after the 2012 election cycle.