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28 May 2012

Never Forget This Memorial Day

Memorial Day.

Today, May 28, 2012, we recognize those who laid down their lives in service of our country.

Six years ago, a Marine from Union City, Georgia died during combat in Iraq. The Marine, Lance Corporal James Chamroeun (pictured right), and I attended high school together.

James Chamroeun was someone I saw walking down the halls of Creekside. I had classes with his older brother John, who, by the way, served in the United States Army. Some described James as a "quiet young man with a quick sense of humor." I'll always remember James as John's little brother.

This Memorial Day, I remember and recognize the exemplary service of Marine James Chamroeun.

Many members of the military, like James, served and gave their lives for our country. Take a moment today to remember their sacrifice, as well as the sacrifices of their families and friends.