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25 May 2012

Lawfare: The Liberal Left's New Tool to Silence Conservative Critics

Lawfare is, according to Wikipedia, the illegitimate use of domestic or international law with the intention of damaging an opponent, winning a public relations victory, financially crippling an opponent, or tying up the opponent's time so that they cannot pursue other ventures such as running for public office.

The term "lawfare" was first brought to my attention by conservative blogger NiceDeb. She writes that lawfare is a "tactic used almost exclusively by the left and Islamic combatants in the war on terror."

Lawfare, the use of law as a weapon of war, is the liberal left's new tool to silence conservative critics.

Make no mistake, the lawsuit Georgia Democratic Party political director Rashad Richey filed against me, claiming that I slandered him when I told the truth, is a textbook example of lawfare. Rashad Richey and his Democrat pals, I believe, are using the law as a weapon to intimidate and terrorize.

Bryan Jacoutot, a law student who blogs at Legal Insurrection, says Rashad Richey's lawsuit can have a chilling effect.

"While we can’t know Richey’s actual motives," Jacoutot writes, "this lawsuit likely is to deter others from probing issues as to Richey’s background."

Lawfare, ladies and gentlemen. The use of law as a weapon of war to intimidate, terrorize, and silence dissent.

Conservative bloggers, such as fellow Georgian Erick Erickson, have taken note of lawfare as a new tool in the left's war on conservatism.

Brett Kimberlin, subject of the book Citizen K, is the Speedway Bomber.

According to the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, Brett Kimberlin was convicted of a series of bombings in Speedway, Indiana, and other drug related matters.

Kimberlin is also, now, decades later, a left of center activist, former Independent Music Awards Industry Judge, involved in organizations getting Tides Foundation and Heinz Family Foundation grants, and is back in the media for harassing and bullying anyone who mentions his past.

As individual bloggers and sites like have begun shedding light on Brett Kimberlin, Kimberlin has resorted to suing them.

Erickson, Erick (2012-5-24). Bomber Turned Left Wing Activist, Brett Kimberlin, Tries to Silence Conservative Opposition. Retrieved on 2012-5-25.

Lawfare, the new tool used by the left to silence conservative critics.

Bryan Jacoutot, the law student I highlighted earlier, says, "It is imperative that we ensure that bloggers are free to state their political opinions with vigor, and to do so free from fear of legal action, or in some cases, bodily harm."

And let the church say, "Amen."