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24 May 2012

Georgia's First Openly Atheist House Candidate Qualifies . . . as a Democrat

You cannot make this stuff up, folks.

Mike Smith, one of two Democrats vying for the right to face off against State Representative Randy Nix (R - LaGrange), sent out a press release proudly announcing that he is the first openly atheist state House candidate.

Smith says if elected, he "aims to legalize and tax marijuana."

"The failed war on drugs is the lynchpin of the Republican party's Southern strategy, which was designed to trick white Southerners into voting against their own interests," Smith declared. "With the legalization of marijuana, we can increase tax revenue, close expensive for-profit prisons, and use the savings to improve the education of our children."

Mike Smith also said he opposes all wars including the "Republican wars against women, immigrants, gays, blacks, unions, and free speech."

I think someone needs to remind Mike Smith that a Republican did not sue a blogger for telling the truth. A paid staffer for the Republican Party isn't attempting to intimidate bloggers and suppress free speech in Georgia. Someone needs to remind Mike Smith that members of his Democratic Party have declared war on the First Amendment.

I apologize for being repetitive, but I just find it hilarious that a self-proclaimed atheist is running for State Representative against a minister.

Mike Smith, the atheist, is running against Randy Nix, a minister.

Gee, I wonder who'll win that election.