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16 May 2012

Georgia Democratic Party Political Director to be Deposed on Video Tape

Earlier this week, a notice was sent to the attorneys of Georgia Democratic Party political director Rashad Richey.

The notice was sent by John Sparks of the law firm Austin & Sparks as part of their defense of this blog and this blog's owner against a lawsuit claiming that posts appearing on this site slandered and libeled Democrat political director Rashad Richey.

The notice, posted below, says that John Sparks will take the videotaped deposition of Rashad Richey before a certified court reporter beginning at 10:30AM, Eastern Standard Time, on June 5, 2012.

Notice of Videotaped Deposition of Rashad Richey 2012.05.14

It is possible that questions relating to Rashad Richey's criminal record may be asked. Questions relating to the child support hearings involving the Democrats' political director, Rashad Richey, may be asked as well. Quite frankly, anything relating to any material appearing on this very blog concerning Rashad Richey might come up at this videotaped deposition.

It is all relevant. It is all part of defending the truth.

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