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02 May 2012

Georgia Democratic Party Chairman Defends Convicted Criminal on Atlanta TV

"In fact, in my opinion, he is probably one of the best political directors in the country and his work product has been exemplary. I think that those of you have worked with him would likely agree."

Those are the words of Georgia Democratic Party chairman Mike Berlon. Mike Berlon, in an email to Democrat activists sent earlier this week, defended his political director from media scrutiny. Democratic Party of Georgia chairman Mike Berlon defended his political director, Rashad Richey, from questions about Richey's criminal past.

Mike Berlon defended a convicted criminal. Pictured left is the guilty plea, signed by Ali Rashad Richey, and entered as an order of the State Court of DeKalb County.

Mike Berlon, on Atlanta TV, stood up for Rashad Richey; a man who, in 2007, was arrested, charged and pled guilty to simple battery and criminal trespass.

Watch the video for yourself and listen closely to the words of Mike Berlon, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Blogs Rail Against Georgia Democrat (video courtesy WSB-TV)

In print and in video, Democratic Party of Georgia chairman Mike Berlon is defending a convicted criminal. Is it any wonder why certain Democrats want Berlon to step aside for the good of the Party?