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11 May 2012

Fulton County Commissioner Emails Anti-TSPLOST Talking Points to Constituents

At the end of July, metro Atlanta voters will decide whether to approve an additional 1% sales tax to fund transportation projects in the region.

Untie Atlanta, a proponent of the sales tax, is urging a yes vote July 31st.

Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards, who represents unincorporated south Fulton, sent an email to constituents with talking points against the transportation sales tax. Writes Edwards in the email (pictured below right):

  • Fulton and DeKalb residents and consumers being taxed twice
  • ;
  • TSPLOST funds cannot be spent on current MARTA System
  • ;
  • TSPLOST Projects will not solve the Metro Region's Transportation Problems.
Edwards told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last year he would be speaking out against the July 31st transportation referendum at town hall meetings and listening sessions.