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23 May 2012

Following the Money Trail: Democrat Donor Dollars Used for Child Support Payments

Someone wise once said to me, "If you ever want to find out anything about anybody, follow the money trail or the skirt tail."

The Democrat donors must be furious to learn their hard-earned money is not being spent to win elections. Democrat donor dollars are being used for child support payments.

I've always followed the money trail of Georgia's political parties. I like to see how much money the Republican and Democratic parties have, where their money is coming from, and how much money each Party is spending on influencing elections in this state.

As I've noted, previously, Democratic Party of Georgia political director Rashad Richey is currently under a court order to have $798 withheld from his Democratic Party paycheck every month to support a child. Richey, who had to undergo a court-ordered paternity test to prove he was that baby's daddy, also was ordered to pay $4,729.50 in back child support.

Rashad Richey, in his official capacity as Democratic Party of Georgia political director, is an employee of Georgia's Democratic Party. Richey's receives his paychecks come from the Democratic Party of Georgia. The Democratic Party of Georgia is able to pay Rashad Richey because of generous donors giving their dollars to support Democrat causes in this state.

These Democrat donors come from all walks of life. There are big money donors like Sid Chapman and Starr Moore, who both donated $1,000 to the Democrats in April. There are also small dollar donors like Stephanie Lindsey, who donated $250 in January.

These big money donors and small dollar donors give freely to the Democratic Party in Georgia all because they want to see Democrats be successful.

When these donors write their checks out to the Democratic Party of Georgia, they entrust the Party leadership to make wise decisions concerning the use of this money. The donors, like Stephanie Lindsey and Sid Chapman, expect the Democratic Party organization to be responsible stewards with their cash. The Democrat donors probably don't expect their good, hard-earned dollars to go towards child support payments every month.

$798 of Starr Moore's money is going to the Family Support Registry each and every month for child support.

$798 in the political world is a lot of money. $798 can pay for yard signs, robo-calls, campaign literature, and other campaign-related resources that can help swing a close election one way or the other.

$798 of Democrat donor dollars is going to the state to pay Rashad Richey's court-ordered child support. And guess what?

A Democrat blogger posted that Rashad Richey received a standing ovation at a recent Democratic Party meeting.

As a Republican, I am absolutely elated that the Democrats are in love with Rashad Richey. I think it's great the Democrats are using their money to pay Richey's child support. Every $798 payment to the Family Support Registry is $798 the Democrats aren't spending, fighting the GOP.

Still, I can't help but wonder how the Democratic donors feel. The Democrat donors must be furious to learn their hard-earned money is not being spent to win elections. Democrat donor dollars are being used for child support payments.

I once said, "If the Democratic Party of Georgia were a wounded animal, the humane thing to do would be to put it down cleanly with two bullets to the head."

If it weren't so pitiful, it would be funny. The once-great Democratic Party of Georgia, an organization that was the majority party in Georgia ten short years ago, is now reduced to making child support payments.