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04 May 2012

Dems' Political Director Said the Baby Ain't Mine, But DNA Test Says You ARE the Father

Two years ago, Georgia Democratic Party political director Rashad Richey had his "come to Maury" moment.

Much like those guys appearing on the Maury Povich show, proclaiming that the baby isn't theirs, Rashad Richey denied paternity of his child, who was five at the time of the test. As a result, Clayton County Superior Court Judge Deborah Benefield ordered Rashad Richey take a paternity test.

richey-paternity-resultsThe test came back, and here are the results (pictured left) . . .

. . . Ali Rashad Richey . . .

. . . You ARE the father!!!

That's right folks, the Democrats' political director had to be hauled into court. Rashad Richey was ordered to take a paternity test. Rashad Richey was ordered to pay monthly child support of $798. That's where Democrat dollars are going in Georgia; to comply with the court ordering Rashad Richey to pay child support.

Now Democrats like to talk about the so-called Republican war on women. As I've said before, philosophical disagreements over birth control and abortion rights does not equate to war on women.

However, denying the paternity of a child is war on women. Owing $4,729.50 in back child support is war on women. Forcing a woman to go to court just to get a man to do right, and take care of his kid, is certainly war on women.

Rashad Richey, political director for the Democratic Party of Georgia, declared war on his woman. And the Democrats still defend him. The Democrats still pay him.

Is there no end to their own hypocrisy?