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31 May 2012

The Bylaws are Whatever Mike Berlon Says They are.

Todd Rehm at Georgia Pundit brought news Wednesday that state Democratic Party chairman Mike "Baghdad" Berlon formally announced state Senator Lester Jackson would fill the vacant office of Party Treasurer until a special election could be held to fill the position.

Russell Edwards, who was elected DPG Treasurer in 2011, recently resigned.

The email, announcing Jackson's appointment, reads in part:

"Senator Jackson has confirmed that he will be running for the permanent position of Treasurer as well. This interim appointment will give him vital knowledge of our organizational goals and a great head start should he win his election in June to be our permanent elected Treasurer."

There's only one problem with Jackson's appointment as interim Treasurer -- the Democratic Party of Georgia's Bylaws don't allow it.

Article II, Section Seven, Paragraph 1 and Article II, Section Seven, Paragraph 2 of the Bylaws of the Democratic Party of Georgia says:

Unless provided differently in these Bylaws, a vacancy in any position shall befilled by a special election by the body that selected the original position holder.

In case of a State Committee office or National Committeeman, such special election shall be called within 10 days of the vacancy and such notice shall specify an election date no less than 60 and no more than 70 days from the date of the notice. Any person desiring to fill the vacancy must file a notice of candidacy with the State Chair no later than 30 days before the election date. Such special election shall be called by the State Chair for a State Party office or a Congressional District Chair vacancy, and by the appropriate County Chair for a State Committee member vacancy.

The only time an appointment is authorized is if there is no Vice-Chair to fill a Chair vacancy. Then, the Chair may appoint an interim Chair until a special election can be held.

This may seem like too much "insider baseball" to some, but I am here to tell why this so-called insider baseball is important.

The Democrats want to govern the State of Georgia. They believe they can govern better than the Republicans.

The Democrats can't even follow the rules and regulations of their own Party, but they want to enact rules and regulations for the rest of Georgia. The Democrats want to govern Georgia, but they can't even govern their own organization.

Read the Charter and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of Georgia. I challenge you to read the Democrats' governing documents. If you can find the provision that allows the state Democratic Party chair to appoint an interim Treasurer, I will retract this post and apologize.

If not, then this post gives all the reasons why Democrats should not govern our great state.