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02 May 2012

Blogger Responds to Possible Legal Action from Democrat Party Leaders

(College Park, Georgia) – Andre Walker, the blogger who uncovered the past criminal history of Georgia Democratic Party political director Rashad Richey, responded to news reports of possible legal action against him.

“My mother taught me to always tell the truth, and that is what I did,” Walker said. “I told the truth. I shined a bright light on Rashad Richey’s dark past.”

Walker authored a series of blog posts detailing the arrest record of the Georgia Democratic Party’s political director1. Public records show that Rashad Richey was arrested twelve times, since 1998, on a variety of charges including criminal trespass, assault and violating probation.

In an April 30th interview with WSB-TV, Democratic Party of Georgia chairman Mike Berlon said legal action was being considered against the bloggers who posted negative information about Rashad Richey2. Berlon also discussed potential legal action in an email to Democratic Party activists3.

“After consulting with attorneys, I am confident I would emerge victorious in any legal action taken against me,” Walker continued. “This is still America. Speech, especially the truth, is still protected in this country; even speech and truth Mr. Berlon and Mr. Richey do not like.”


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